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Oogie Ain't the Only One Who Can Boogie~


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Yes Splendorman, share with us your greatest treasure...




Quite a lively selection~ 2 tickets~



Even a hard-faced no-fun man like Jack can get funky, I suppose~ 2 tickets~


I envision this when you feel like really it.




More of a headbanging song than strictly dance-worthy, but I applaud your effort! 1 ticket~


we had daft punk so how about 


Smooooooooooooth as a jugular-slicing. 3 tickets~


Something more recent and local.


Ooooh, shaking it up a bit, I see. That'll get you 3 tickets~

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not posting the real video for this im not chancing getting a warning or some shiz


Oooooh, I haven't heard this one in a while! Thank you for reminding me~ 4 tickets~




♪I no wanna go to schools

i just wanna bweak da rules!♪



I need no inspiring anthem to break the rules, young dragon lady lovelie~ 1 ticket~ 





Surely you take me more seriously than this oft-repeated memery? 1 ticket, do not slight me so again!!!~







Well NOW I just feel insulted. 1 ticket~




Listen well, my lovelies~ I'm asking something SPECIFIC of you come tomorrow. You may notice your offerings have pleased me a little less than normal. I must confess... I am in a MOOD. A MOOD that can be alleviated by only one thing...




But of course I need a jaunty Murder Playlist to get out of this funk. Today is done, but I trust your next submissions will be only the best to spill blood to~

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Well, how could I not?



Well. An obvious one, but I suppose they ARE classics for a reason. 2 tickets~


Murder you say?



I mean, I guess? 1 ticket~



Unique choice~ Take 3 tickets for it~



Eh, why the funk not? Try to enjoy this, please.


Ooooh, you're one of the OLD school, aren't you? 3 tickets, lovelie~


I have just the thing for you, Splendorman:




RAUCOUS... I LIKE it! 4 tickets~


"Here's a song that me and Hansel enjoy hearing when we're slaughtering monsters."



VERY nice... Wait, don't you slaughter my kind? Eeeeeeeh, whatever, a murder jam's a murder jam~ 3 tickets~





* How's about this?




Could use some more verv, but well-done, Asgore~ 2 tickets~


'brings a paw to her muzzle in thought' Hmm...I be backs in a bits wiff somethings.


EDIT: I has somethings!



Ooooh, my draconic beauty~ You've done well~ 4 tickets for you~


Well, naturally we can only go with the song chosen by the Crimson F***er and Pinkameena Pie.



Marvelous~ 5 tickets~


This is only natural to have for a killin' song ;3



An obvious choice, but for good reason. 4 tickets, my lovelie~


VERY well-done, my lovelies~ These will make an excellent playlist while I'm out on my MURDER HUNT. I'll be stalking my prey for the remainder of the day, but in the meantime, stock this thread with plenty of lovely triumphant ones for my return.


Now, if you'll excuse me... I have to go kill a monster. Let me show you how it's done, Hansel and Gretel~

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