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YCM Halloween Heavyweight Championship!

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After nearly a week of serious investigations, I managed to find this website again, despite the tireless efforts to keep it hidden! Then, while moseying about, I learned that the super special guests were given some kind of special point currency, to give out to members! Apparently, that guy with the giant eyeball head is playing that Yu-Gi-Oh! game that you guys all love, so I decided to do the same!


But for me, it ain't gonna work out the same way. See, I am such a champ, that I only plan to duel 1 of yall, and if they beat me, they get every single point I have when the event is finished! All of em, plus another special prize that's a top secret!


To decide which one of yous gets to play against me, I am going to run a little tournament to find out who is the most worthiest!


There is 24 hours starting right now to sign up, so make sure to get in before the tourney starts!


Let's see who is the YCM Heavyweight Champ!




Quocka Flokka

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After careful consideration, it has been determined that I can't do this event if there is only 1 person in, so everyone else needs to hurry up so that we can find the strongest out there!


The tourney won't start until there are 4 fighters, and the deadline will be extended as long as needed until that is reached!

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Eh. I talk, assume, evaluate, theorize, and create, but I rarely actually duel. I'm thinking I should brush up on this aspect of the game and a tourney should...


...not help me do that. I'm too busy to participate, but I do wanna keep an eye on how this goes.


Sorry champ, maybe next time.

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