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Post a Request and I'll Make a YGO Deck of It


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Title says it all. Minimum request is saying a deck type, archetype, hybrid, or mechanic the deck is. Other parameters can include:


-Being Casual or Competitive

-TCG, OCG, or both

-# of cards you want

-Having specific cards in the deck you want, even including irrelevant ones

-Being close to a YGO anime/manga character

-Being a Billy deck of sorts

-More poignant sheet you want


Expect your result only reach 30% of your expectations :)Decklists will be posted here anyway. I find joy in constructing decks probably more than dueling. Enjoy~


[spoiler=Slutty Cards by Smear]




[spoiler=TCG Odd-Eyes Magician by brittanic]




[spoiler=Spirits by Aquatic Ether]




[spoiler=Dungeons & Dragons Linbloom Beat by Tyretian]




[spoiler=TCG D/D Red-Eyes by Frenda]



[spoiler=Zombie Beelze Turbo w. Erebus & Monarchs by Queen DeVille]


My Personal tribute to him.



[spoiler=Synchron Galaxy w/e Synchros by Cannibal]




[spoiler=Burgesstoma by Armz]




[spoiler=Resonators by British Soul]




[spoiler=Gravekeepers ft. Chaos Goddess by The Nyx Avatar]




[spoiler=Backjack Mystic Piper ft. Critias by brittanic]




[spoiler=Level 5s




[spoiler=Clear World Doriado Lock by Sagume Kishin]




[spoiler=Supremacy Sun Monarchs & Archfiends by Misaka Network]





[spoiler=Enchanting Vanilla Obelisk by Tyretian]




[spoiler="Cute" Brilliant Madolche & Tanuki Lovecraft by LordCowCow]





[spoiler=Komaeda's Utopia/Hope deck by Neph]




[spoiler=Des Frog Xyz Spam by Dog King]




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Please can I have a Labyrinth Wall deck, including Magical Labyrinth and Wall Shadow? Can be fairly casual, even being a dungeon-themed billy deck (including typical RPG dungeon enemies).


[spoiler=Dungeons and Dragons]



It's also a Lindbloom Beat starring Marauding Captain battling his way with his sidekick Rose to find the legendary Millennium Shield while avoiding monsters like the Wall Shadow that awaits them!



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A Dark Armed Turbo Deck revolved around the ability of Erebus the Netherworld Monarch to recycle DAD while its in the Grave by discarding a Monarch S/T


[spoiler=One Erebus to go]



I made it more of a beelze Turbo with Zombies, with some Il Blud to compliment with Zombies and Monarchs Stormforth, and some other Monarchs to make use of Zombie's SS abuse. as a bonus, you get my personal pick of its deck theme:




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Synchron deck without the Synchros


[spoiler=This is how close I could get...]



I hope you like Infinity Turbo with a twist~



I want to see your take on Burgesstomas; That's my request. I don't care if you make it casual competetive, make the Deck as you see fit.



[spoiler=Here's how I do it]



Excavation by Kuribandit to dump the Burgesstoma. Has good use with Back Jack and Plague, and has other useful Traps to make the use of the triggers of the fish right.



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[spoiler=funk you, here you go]



[spoiler=JK here it is]



Hardest deck to build so far...ended up making Red-Eyes Pendragon instead. This was so tantalizing.



My little brother actually bought that Starter Deck. XD


I'm requesting a deck of Level 5 monsters with 1900 or less printed ATK.


Are you a bad enough dude to accept my challenge?

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I'm being awkward seeing as they're not on DN yet (Well the SPHR stuffs at least), but Resonators. Can be a written list because of this.


[spoiler=Hard Request, but here you go]



x3 Star Seraph Scepter

x3 Star Seraph Sovereign

x3 Red Resonator

x3 Red Sprinter

x1 Cyber Dragon

x2 Chain Resonator

x2 Summoner Monk

x2 Synchron Resonator

x3 Effect Veiler



x3 Resonator Call

x2 Resonant Engine

x2 Double Summon

x2 Instant Fusion

x1 Raigeki

x1 Soul Charge

x1 Foolish Burial

x1 One for One



x1 Solemn Warning

x1 Red Carpet

x1 BTH

x2 CotH



x1 Panzer Dragon

x1 Elder God Norden



x1 Red Dragon Archfiend

x1 Red Dragon Archfiend Scarright

x1 Red Nova Dragon

x1 Black Rose Dragon

x1 Moonlight Rose Dragon

x1 Goyo Guardian

x1 Red Wyvern

x1 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon



x1 Tellarknight Ptolemaeus

x1 Cyber Dragon Nova

x1 Cyber Dragon Infinity

x1 Castel

x1 Stellarknight Delteros


Here's a rough draft of the deck...even though the booster comes out tommorow....


I figured the Seraph engine fits well here with Red resonator's effect, and that Resonant engine can search Level 4s by returning 2 Resonators from the Graveyard to the deck. Monk also works here by ditching those Resonator Spells and Double Summon to get a Scepter. The first NS'd Scepter can be used for Synch fodder into something like Moonlight. Only troubles I see are getting consistent summons of level 8 Synchros; This deck so far more easily deals with Level 7s. But oh well, this is something I will build when they come on DN soon.



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A deck that can easily Summon Chaos Goddess.




[spoiler=Here you go~]



D.D Sprite or Veiler can be used to mesh with Spy + Recruiter/Nobleman into easy Goddess. This is the most consistent I can give you. Though I don't give a sheet how useful Goddess will be as a boss. The investment is enough. Your welcome!


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