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[Finished]CC Monthly Series [June 2016] | Currently judging

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Refer to this thread for any specific information regarding the policies of the CC Monthly. 
Make a Main Deck boss monster

Aside from the above, the rest of the card's design is left up to you.
Make sure that you use realistic Types/Attributes, stats and above all, good card design while creating your card.
Helpful Threads


June 17th, 2016 @ 11:00 pm Hawaiʻi Standard Time (GMT -10:00)

If you need help determining what time it'll be in your area when deadline hits, use this converter.
(Select USA - Hawaii - Honolulu in the "convert to" area)
For your safety, I highly recommend that you turn in your entries when it reaches 11:00 pm in your respective timezones, to avoid confusion; unless you live in the Polynesian islands or another location between the dateline and Hawaiʻi (but I do not foresee this to occur).
Entry Fee
None, you just need to state your interest + provide an entry card.
1. Standard YCM and Custom Cards rules apply in this section. Please remember to abide by / follow them in this contest. 
2. When posting a card, make sure that you have its lore posted beneath, so it is easier for the judges to read your effect. Also make sure that you post your card correctly (either use Imgur or another image host to post pictures; otherwise write it out properly in Written form)
3. You are allowed to make edits to your card until the deadline, HOWEVER you should have already designed the card as a final product. You may not, however, completely change your entry.
4. The usage of Fake Types / Attributes, as well as DIVINE, Divine-Beast and Creator God is expressly forbidden. You are expected to design a card that adheres to the current standards set by Konami (usage of the existing 23 legal Types + 6 Attributes).
Also remember to abide by the max. 5000 ATK/DEF rules for original stats.


5. You may post an explanation about how your card works, but keep in mind that I will not read them until after I finish grading. As such, it may be better if you don't give one. (Idea is that you convey your idea in a way that I can see what you tried to do)


6. Any cards that have their info released in the TCG/OCG after June 17th, 2016 will not be considered for grading. This means that if Konami releases info on any cards during the length of this contest, they are fair game, but anything afterwards will not be considered.


(In a nutshell, if YGOrganization/Maxut leaks card info during the length of this contest, they will be considered for grading; otherwise, anything afterwards will not, even if they come up during grading. Please make sure you keep tabs on new stuff.)
1st - 3000 points + 3 reps + membership in custom group for a month.
2nd - 2000 points + 2 reps
3rd - 1000 points + 1 rep


Additional prizes may be given out, if needed. Prizes listed here are subject to change, depending on number of entries and their quality.



  • Nai
  • Enguin
  • Spell Counter King
  • Gadjiltron
  • Dragon Sage/Mayor Ursa
  • JuanoGS11
  • Striker
  • Tori-kun
  • Raigem
  • Royal Paladin
  • Jeradin
  • YugsterMajor
  • Yuuji
  • asterr259
  • SilentKatana
  • Dova
  • Darjkie
  • Brimtosis


  1. Sakura
  2. Black

I will accept the help of another member if you wish to assist in contest judging. Make sure you have a proper grading scale if you choose not to use the standard one (I recommend using it for uniformity and ease of comparing, but if you want to use a different one, let me know beforehand)


I have revised the old rubric slightly, so the one listed in the info thread is not applicable at this time (I will be adding it shortly)






If this were ever released in real life, would it break the game in half or would it be fine as-is? Or conversely, is this card underpowered and needs a push in power to be up to standard? Do we have a reason to run this over another card that does something similar? Does the card actually work the way it's intended to. 



  • Did you make an original effect or ripped off an existing card's effects? Or really, how did you present your card to us?
  • Does your card make sense for what it's doing? If this is an Archetypal thing, does it generally fit into their backstory or playstyle? If it relies on sports or other real life things, does it really fit in. [There is some room for improvisation, and I won't penalize you for trying new things out.] 


OCG (15)


There are three components to your OCG grade, each of them worth 5 points each.


1. GENERAL: Are you adhering to general writing conventions in standard English? Did you spell-check your work before submitting?


2. COMPREHENSION: Do I understand what your effect is trying to say? If I don't understand your card (or otherwise have to bring up a ruling query), then chances are that you will get hit in the other area.


3. OCG: Are you using correct card grammar in line with how Konami writes official cards? There may be some wording differences between cards of the same generation, so I won't deduct points if this is the case. I will deduct points if you are using wording that doesn't exist in official cards.



It is highly recommended that you attempt to write in PSCT, as it solves ruling issues that existed in earlier styles. However, I will accept late 5Ds era writing without docking off points. Please do not use anything before that, because the wording there is much more vague.


Hybrid PSCT (as in using the OCG numbering for effects) is perfectly acceptable.


If you have any questions, either post in this thread or send me a PM. 
Best of luck to all of you.

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Oh hey, this card requirement seems to be popular these days. Hmm, I guess I can put something together.


I technically owe it to Darkness for the idea over chat, but yeah it's nice to get away from the ED for a while. Was either this or go make Dinosaurs relevant (I'll save this one for July or something)


But yeah, added.



@Black: Alright, just needed to check.

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Yeah I know, though I never confirmed that I would be doing that other theme for July. Maybe leave it for a second contest if I have time after grading this one (or push it back for another month).


Though, doing a July 4th theme one might discourage members from entering (you know well enough that some members live outside of this country). We'll see though, or just rework it to be more "open".

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