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My Banlist Attempt

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Newly Forbidden



  • Amazoness Archer

  • Cannon Soldier

  • Cannon Soldier MK-2

  • Shadowpriestess of Ohm

  • Toon Cannon Soldier

  • Firewall Dragon

  • Number S0: Utopic Zexal


  • None


  • None

Newly Limited



  • Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

  • Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz

  • Performapal Monkeyboard

  • Tribe Infecting Virus

  • El Shaddoll Construct

  • Denglong, First of the Yang Zing


  • Gold Sarcophagus

  • Gouki Rematch

  • Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage!


  • None

Newly Semi-Limited



  • Dark Armed Dragon

  • Deep Sea Diva

  • Ether the Heavenly Monarch

  • Tour Guide of the Underworld


  • Gateway of the Six

  • Pantheism of the Monarchs


  • None

Newly Unlimited



  • A-Assault Core

  • Kozmo Dark Destroyer

  • Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer

  • Necroface


  • Book of Moon

  • Rank-Up-Magic Argent Chaos Force


  • None


[spoiler=Some Explanations Behind My Choices]

The tribute to burn cards ( Banned )

  • Do these really need to exist in 2018? What do they do besides enable degenerate ftks?


Number S0 ( Banned ) and Argent Chaos Form ( Unbanned )

  • In my opinion, Number S0 holds back the potential of rank-up-magic support, since anything that supports those cards contributes to it being a degenerate lock down card. If S0 didn’t exist, Argent Chaos Force wouldn’t be a problem card worth banning.


Firewall Dragon ( Banned )

  • This card is the ultimate example of why the phrase “once per turn” is a thing on cards. This card is degenerate, and is going down the route of Nightingale of “Ban cards around it, instead of just banning it”. The amount of ftks this card makes is unbelievable ( and not just gimmicky ones, actually competitive and top tier ones ).


Chaos Emperor Dragon ( Limited )

  • This card got errated, and with a new tcg print coming over here soon ( from what I remember hearing ) he can come off at least to 1 ( maybe even 3, given what happened to disc commander ).


Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz

  • With the new Impcantation support coming and with Nekroz having not been too relevant for a long while now, having 1 of these won’t break the deck ( Chalislime will if anything ).


Performapal Monkeyboard ( Limited )

  • With Electrumite limited and pendulums not being in a very good spot anymore, this coming back to 1 ( with or without errata ) probably won’t have a very big impact.


Tribe Infecting Virus ( Limited )

  • This card is old, and very slow. It already is at least limited over in the ocg from what I remember, and hasn’t had much of an impact.


El Shaddoll Construct ( Limited )

  • Shaddolls haven’t been too relevant in a while, so having 1 back won’t make too big of a splash ( Having full power Shaddolls over in the ocg doesn’t make them relevant ).


Denglong, First of the Yang Zing ( Limited )

  • Yang Zings don’t really have any place at the moment, and having one of their best synchros back, at least to 1, would greatly help the deck without breaking it ( True King dinos haven’t been very relevant since Lithosagym was banned ).


Gold Sarcophagus ( Limited )

  • Thunder Dragons have proved that they are a threat, and that banishing support will only continue to get even stronger in the future. With this card being a free “foolish burial” of sorts for banishing decks, it should probably get the same treatment and it gives Thunder Dragons a small slap on the wrist while still letting them be relevant.


Gouki Rematch ( Limited )

  • This card gives Gouki decks too much advantage by being a free double revive for free link fodder, and during the late game, this turns not only into a revive, but also a double search off of the monsters you summon. Being limited doesn’t hit Goukis too hard, but does restrict some of their late game plays somewhat.


Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! ( Limited )

  • Even with the Hornest Drones limited, Sky Strikers have proven to still be a very viable deck and top contender. Limiting Engage will limit the amount of times players will see it during a duel, limiting the amount of free advantage you can gain from it.


Dark Armed Dragon ( Semi-Limited )

  • Not many people play the 1, so I think it should be safe to come back to 2. While it is a free special summon it doesn’t really do much for you besides that when you are going first ( given that his effect just destroys cards, even if not once per turn ).


Deep Sea Diva / Tour Guide from the Underworld ( Both Semi-Limited ).

  • These cards are high risk, high reward cards. If you resolve their effects, they are really good, but if your opponent hits it with Ash or Impermanence, they do nothing for you while also eating up your normal summon. Being at 2 will be strong for the decks they are played in, but won’t break them and make them generic engine cards.


Ether, the Heavenly Monarch / Pantheism of the Monarchs ( Both Semi-Limited )

  • Monarchs really haven’t been relevant for the past while now, given their hits on the banlist and with the existence of True Draco ( basically being Monarchs 2.0 ), the deck probably won’t be too competitive going forward ( unless they get some broken support in the future ). Bringing these to 2 will help the deck brick less often ( as a monarch player, I can tell you for a fact, bricking is a pretty big problem of the deck ).


Gateway of the Six ( Semi-Limited )

  • Six Samurais aren’t very relevant anymore, and bringing this back to 2 would only make the people who still play the deck happy and give them more chances to see it in their decks without those decks really breaking the meta.


A-Assault Core ( Unlimited )

  • This card shouldn’t have been hit on the last banlist, Firewall Dragon is the actual problem card.


Kozmo Dark Destroyer ( Unlimited )

  • This card being at 2 didn’t make the deck relevant, so having it at 3 probably won’t make Kozmos relevant either.


Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer ( Unlimited )

  • Given the current state of pendulums ( and with Ignister limited ), having this back at 3 copies instead of 2 won’t break the card.


Necroface ( Unlimited )

  • This card isn’t relevant at 2, so it won’t be relevant at 3.


Book of Moon ( Unlimited )

  • This card is a really powerful -1 card in the game. It flips a Monster face-down, making it unusable for Link summoning, Xyz summoning, or Synchro summoning. With other pretty powerful cards such as Torrential Tribute, Bottomless, and Ring of Destruction going back to 3, and only seeing a little bit of use, this at 3 probably won’t do too much either ( especially considering that if you either don’t open with it or you go second vs a link deck, it doesn’t really do anything for you ).

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Utopic Zexal and Firewall banned ... degenerate, binary burn cards banned ... Gateway unlimited (like six sams matter) ... Shurit back to 1 for Ritual support ...

I wish this list would be true (yes I did not consider what I did not mention) ... why is Rematch lim... fine I guess even without Firewall they deserve that ... btw where is Topologic Gumblar Dragon (it should be banned as well) ?

Edit: Monkey back also sounds like fun, Performapals are honestly fine with Master Rule 4, about time this would go to 1.

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I have to agree Thunder Dragons are not exactly at the top at the moment. It is up for debate if they'd be once all other changes of this hypothetical list were into effect, but as is, they are not top dog even if they are part of the meta.



I only have 1 real disagreement with the list though: Necro Face.

Gold Sarc is not the only way it gets banished and you are greatly increasing the chances of them triggering each other. 
I think this one is dangerous...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mmm.. not exactly what I would hope, but close enough.

The thing I disagree the most, however, is gateway at 2.

I get that people like six sam, but with the newly announced link monster... just no.

Decks that can ftk in one way are bad enough, but I'd like to avoid a format where a deck has consistent access to 3 different ftk/ftk like strategies between number 86, ultimate baseball kid and 1st turn extra link, coupled with a monster that can reach arbitrarly high atk power by looping cards to generate infinite bushido counters, thank you.

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