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I can't imagine you won't skip me and Yui given WE SHOULD ALREADY KNOW

But still posting anyway

on what

Portland vs Seattle. Choose your opinions wisely...

I think it's annoying when people brag about the city they great in/around, when they had absolutely no say in said location. It's like bragging about one's eye color, or whether or not they know how to operate a gasoline pump.
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on me

you gucci.

Obviously I wanted your opinion on dark matter, like, did I really need to specify?

careful, you might get me talking science. I'll keep this one simple.


Dark Matter is honestly a really fascinating concept to me. Since the effects of gravity have been observed to be far greater than other methods of observation would indicate, it implies that there is massive amounts of mass (like 80% of the universe) that is functionally invisible because otherwise we would detect it through EM radiation and be like "oh, no, it's right there".


So basically, either there is a ton of sheet that we can't see, or the most widely accepted model of the universe is essentially wrong. I'm gonna lean toward the former.

Right back atchu, my guy. Speaking of...




Opinions on this bad boi?

this will always be the best removal spell ever printed. If it's not, then removal will have simply become too good, and I don't see that happening any time soon.

Oh, I got one.


Favorite scene from Gurren Lagann and why.



The scene when rossiu attempts suicide is my favorite moment in Simon's character arc, as it shows (very directly) how he has evolved from the child unsure of his own path, to the man who would lead the entire universe out of oppression.


Also it was the first time he drilled through space time so that was neat.

+1 for subverting my expectations. Well played.

Thoughts on 43-45?

objectively worse than the number that precedes them
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RS3 vs OSRS?

both provide an opportunity to grind like there is no tomorrow, which through greatly delayed payoff brings satisfaction. Neither are something I'm interested in.

Oh, right. Opinion on Ninja Sex Party (And Danny in general)?


gimme a krowpinion

you have to bow down before winter, since firewall bring banned proves he's right about everything all the time, your format is trash and so are you
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