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[DANE] Impcantation Creator – Crealtar

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Impcantation Creator – Crealtar
lv 10 LIGHT
You can Ritual Summon this card with “Impcantation Celebration”. During either player’s Main Phase: You can reveal this card in your hand; discard 1 card, then Special Summon “Impcantation” monster(s) from your GY whose total Level(s) are 10, also return those monsters to the Deck during the End Phase. You can only activate this effect of "Impcantation Creator – Crealtar" once per turn. All non-Ritual “Impcantation” monsters you control gain 2000 ATK, also their effects are negated.
ATK/3000 DEF/3000

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Weird, but I guess that's what Impcantations are all about, I am glad they are actually getting members, I figured they would only be support, but they are turning out to be playable on their own, even though with this card, it's clear that's not the intention. Unique idea to turn non-Archetype monsters into powerhouses in terms of ATK, not sure if I would rather have that over their effects on the field, but I guess you can use the other effect if you don't care about actually Summoning this card.

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Sorry what? That in-hand effect is absurd. There is no restriction on what to do with the impcantations beyond the restriction they themselves impose.


Not to mention that, while on field, this negates the effects of the non-rituals, enabling you go absolutely nuts.


This card is dumb.

Wait, did I read this wrong? I may have, I thought that it meant Ritual Monsters other that Impcantation Rituals, but it actually negates their other monsters. Wow, you can actually use the Extra Deck that way, that's hilarious, though I guess you gotta get this out first, so you'll need to Tribute some monsters, so maybe it's not as good as I thought.

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So this card enables them to access their Extra Deck with spare Impcantations, is a Gouki Rematch for any ritual deck and can push with spare Impcantations.

I did not expect a second Ritual to be honest, I expected one for every non-fodder card (Ritual monster, Ritual Spell, Field Spell, etc).

Amazing, even if this does not trigger them if you used them already this still supplies an amazing amount of fodder and is as cheap as the other Impcantation Ritual monster.

Beyond that imagine regenerating using only this card if you lose your field, this card reviving 2 Impcantations and triggering all of their effects is no joke.


Edit: I actually missed that this card requires them to be esxactly level 10, which makes this significantly worse, though reviving 2 level 3 and 1 level 4 or the level 4 and 6 is still nice.

        Also it being a Quick Effect means one can maximize searchees with this card and get a few blockers if necessary, especially given that this can loop indefinitely with a level 4 and 2 level 3 or 2 level 5.

        To be fair I would have liked it to say "10 or lower" instead though, given that right now one only has 5 ways of using that:

        (i) Summon another copy of this back (lv10).

        (ii) Summon a Level 6 and a Level 4.

        (iii) Summon a Level 4 and 2 Level 3.

        (iv) Summon 2 Level 5.

        (v) Summon a Level 3 and the other Ritual (7).

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As an impcantation/demise player, this card is exactly what i wanted for the deck. a level 10 to reduce resources needed, a free replenish on dead impcantations, the ability to turn every impcantation on the board into a beater, and impressive stats in its own right. ritual decks can rejoice, and i can see impcantations sitting comfortably in tier 2 with this thing.

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