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[DANE] Manhunt

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At first I thought this could be used to negate monster effects your opponent activated too, but on closer inspection, that's not the case. Probably for the best.


Actually surprised that they made this with no summoning material restriction; I made a custom card like this once, but I changed it because I thought it was a little crazy.


I'd be shocked if this wasn't used by something.

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Nice. You don't have to give back the monster if this gets popped, right?


I can see this being a good generic option for card of demise decks.

Doesn't look like it, but I'd wait for rulings

decent i wouldn't compare it to snatch steal because what made it good was the speed and the LP pay back never really came to resolve because the game was over

True, but this can interrupt combos. Chain to Borrel-savage equip effect or Needlefiber your opponent summoned and be able to link it up.




Snatch is ironically better than change of heart now days

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