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I wish that was interesting, but it pretty much interested me the least out of any of the trailers.


I know this is a very large opinion, but for some reason the parts that were supposed to be comedy because it looked like it from a viewing perspective were just so cringe worthy, being essentially just her beating up on the guy. That's just how it worked out for me. And I'm not really fond of either Yang or Ruby's voices.



So, Junior sounds like Jack, or am I wrong?

http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/Jack_Pattillo If this is the Jack you meant... yes.

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The Spider Droid man.


Best character by far.




...I probably like Ruby the best of the girls. For me, it's kinda hard to best the Sniper-Scythe until someone brings out the miniguns. My order would be Ruby, Blake, Weiss, Yang.


Of everyone, though...


Junior, Ruby, the Spider Droid, Blake, Adam, the Mecha Men, Weiss, the Bear-Head Tommy-Gun DJ, Armor Suit, Yang, Beowolves, many men with axes, the twins.

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