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Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [OOC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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All site and RP rules apply, you should know all this by now and if you don’t stop what you’re doing and check.
I have final say, however I can be lenient if you give reasons and are calm and polite.
Complaints that are not calm and polite will be ignored totally, I know you all are mature enough to explain what’s wrong. I love feed-back so if there’s ever a question or concern feel free to ask here or in PM. I don’t bite.
If you do not post for several days when you’re needed to post, and cannot provide a reason, I reserve right to move your character.
Be reasonable and understand that things happen a certain way for a reason.
This will be a PG-16 RP to allow for greater freedom. Death happens, bad things happen, good things happen, stuff happens.
Might have to cut off applications at a certain point, we don’t want too many running around.
Have lots of fun, that’s what we’re here for right?

[spoiler=The Plot]
In the Gijinka world there is a myth that states if you defeat 6 of the Legendary Gijinka in battle you will ascend and become a Legendary yourself. Legends are god-like beings, capable of affecting the very world to some degree and defeating just one is no simple task. It is said if you find one it will give you a quest, complete it and you will be granted an opportunity to fight their mortal form.
However no one had actually seen a legend in modern times, so many discounted the myth as just a myth. There were those who were determined to find them, known as Chasers, but no traces were ever found.
And then it happened. Almost a year ago a Legend had fallen, not just beaten but slain, by an unknown assailant.

Suddenly the hunt was on, swarms of Gijinka gathered in teams to find the no-longer so elusive Legends. But there were problems. One was that the Legends, while suddenly more out in the open, were also more guarded than ever before. The other was this mysterious Gijinka, or multiple Gijinka, who killed the Legend. They were still out there somewhere and they were on the prowl.

You are a Gijinka who are, for one reason or another, on an adventure. You may be part of a team already or looking to find one. But one thing unites you all. The quest for the Legends

So here it is folks, trying this RP hosting thing again with a Pokemon Gijinka RP! Now I will be totally honest I don’t have everything completely figured out but I am perfectly capable of working out the details.

So more or less the idea is that you will be playing a Gijinka, which is a humanized version of a Pokemon, who is a Chaser. You can be solitary or part of a team with other RPers. You will be drawn together for some reason, and work with the other RPers in some fashion to find the Legends. Which Legend you go after will be up to you. Be warned that there are many who want to find them so battles can break out at any time. Be it for supplies, or information, or just to eliminate the competition. Not to mention there’s a mysterious Legend killer out there.
You will be starting out in or near Oasis. It is nearly a year since the Legendary Volcanion was slain and news that someone had beaten another legend spread. The Chaser claiming this has arrived at Oasis to share his tale and, while many Chasers ignore it as hot air, there are plenty, including yourself, who decided to see what he has to say.

[spoiler=The Gijinka]
Gijinkas, as previously mentioned, are a humanized version of Pokemon.

They tend to have powers that mimic the moves from the games, and many have animal/monster-like features to them. They often have physical and/or mental abilities that surpass humans, even the weakest among them.
They can handle multiple attacks from other Gijinka before their bodies start to fail. It varies however (partially based on the Pokemon it's based on stats, and also the strength of the attack and attacker). For instance a typical Gijinka can withstand several average strength Slash attacks on their body.
In this RP your character will have up to four powers related to moves that the Pokemon it is based on can learn. They also will have a fifth power that you can come up with yourself, unique to your Gijinka. (Thanks to Keto for this idea)
And here's a bit of an...unusual addition. Your Pokemon can be a first stage, second stage, third stage, or even a baby Pokemon. I'm a believer that power level can be low and high in the same RP with things still running smoothly. Putting a lot of faith in you all for this one but I know we can make it work and it'll be more interesting for it.

[spoiler=The Region]
The Adarid Region, a remote region that has little contact with the others and has been a place of adventure for as long as anyone could remember. Gijinka of all shapes and sizes thrive here.
The land has a latent, almost magical, aura about it. And things that seem to defy logic are normal here. Such as deserts near snow covered mountains and even floating cities!
Full Size Map: http://i.imgur.com/drm3rbA.png
Each tile=1 day travel for the average Gijinka.

Southshore: The only large city in the western forest, half of the city is in the trees itself. Rope bridges and hollowed out trees are abundant. On the eastern side is a cleared out section of land that houses the dock.

Oasis: A large city, with literally zero buildings above one floor. All of the buildings are simple and small and have slanted roofs. There’s a large pool of water in the center where a single, seemingly out of place, palm tree grows. This has become a sort of Mecca for Chasers as it’s where the slain Volcanion was found. 

Merm: An unusual underwater city, only accessible through the kelp pond. The city itself is a beautiful place, inside of a large dome, with strangely shaped and colored buildings. The people are friendly but its leader is somewhat paranoid and outsiders are closely watched.

Coldharbour: As the name implies Coldharbour is a cold...harbor. It’s also a famous trade city, people from all over come here to sell their wares due to the fact it’s located in the middle of the break between the north and south sides of the western area. And as more and more traders came it kinda snowballed from there. There’s massive piles of snow on the edges of the city, since the city itself is kept relatively clear of the stuff.

Fryst: The city itself isn’t anything remarkable, except for the amount of people who make it their home (being one of the only truly habitable areas of the tundra). But the wall surrounding the city is massive, three walls reach up to amazing height, which is farther enhanced by the thing spires on each corner.

Mount Icecrown: No one goes to this mountain. No one. It’s said to be home of many vicious and bloodthirsty beasts. Plus it’s a dangerous trail, filled with narrow frozen walkways and every step risks a landslide. At the top is said to be a fabulous jewel but this is all a rumor. Of course you know how rumors turn out in Adarid....

Deku: You’ll never see a more wretched hide of scum and villainy. This place is a run down city where everyone thinks everyone is out to get them and everyone is right. Watch your purse as you travel through this city. Sadly it’s the only place to stock up on supplies after leaving the tundra. There is a gambling den in the heart of the city, filled with chets and scrubs.

Juyu: The flattest city in all of Adarid. The residents take pride in the fact that every spot from one end of the city to the other is completely flat. This city is famous for two other things. One, being the first place that hosted a gay marriage, between a female Stunfisk and Vaporeon Gijinka. And two, because it’s located at a crossroads between three other large cities. It, like Coldharbour, is in prime location to get many adventurers passing through. It’s a great place for musical talent as well, and musicians flock here to play in their weekly music festival.

Pride Rock: This city has no actual buildings, just rocky areas that people use as homes. It’s home of the Great Pyroar King, where he rules his people with a gentle but firm hand, and boundless charisma. His brother, a Luxray Gijinka, is a clever and capable military commander. Many say he’s trying to convince the King to ally with the Mightyena that live nearby and take more territory. This city is filled with many bizarre and unique fruit, which many of the residence ignore as they’re mainly meat-eaters. So it’s a great place for cheap fruit. A wise Ambipom Gijinka is said to be able to tell the future...

Adarid: The capital city, and the most important city in the land. It’s the first city to ever be created and from the start scholars have been piling knowledge into the Grand Library, Voile. This also has the largest training ground in all the land, as well as an arena for people to test their might. Soldiers can be seen patrolling almost constantly. Flanked by the Skul mountains it’s quite possibly the safest place in the region. Poverty does exist, however, in the northern side of the city the houses get more shoddy and the people more hungry. However the patrolling soldiers tend to keep people out of that area when they can.
Adarid has a fleet of wagons that can be rode to travel faster through the city. If you're going halfway across the city, it's 50 Poke, anything more, 120. They are very popular so it's sometimes hard to get to one. But it cuts the time down drastically, taking several hours to travel halfway, instead of the day or two on foot.

Trailsau: Only the craziest and most reckless of Gijinka make Trailsau their home. It’s a dangerous place that is constantly under attack by feral Gijinka and wildlife. The homes are made of stone and fights break out constantly for the "best" locations. No one is ever able to explain what location is best though. Through the city is the only way to enter the volcano, and this is also the best place to find a challenging fight. The people here know the caves that lead to the Underground better than anyone.

Hido Volcano: A massive, active, volcano located smack dab in the midst of Trailsau. There’s a small entrance at the foot of the volcano, protected by the people of Trailsau. This is the one place people know for a fact there’s a Legend, as he makes himself known every once in a while, challenging the very world to fight him. However the location means not many Chasers have attempted this, and none have lived.

Northshore: A beach paradise, located next to a jungle. Many people come here for a vacation spot due to how absolutely gorgeous it is. Most of the city is taken up by the beach, and the rest of it is mostly restaurants and hotels. The strange location means that it’s also heavily guarded by mercenaries hired by a mysterious benefactor.

Mowloo: They said a city in the jungle was impossible. They were kinda right. Instead of the usual buildings and other fixations of normal civilization, Mowloo is constructed on the trees of the dense jungle surrounding it, effectively making it a "canopy city" on the top layer. It’s built on a platform that’s held up by a giant net. Beneath is a small establishment of primitive Gijinkas that aid the Mowloo locals in surviving the jungle in exchange for higher technology and other accommodations of current society. It’s said these primitives know much about the legends, but none have been able to get anything out of them, and the locals protect them.

Alpha and Omega: There are several villages in the area called the “deadland" but these are the biggest. The residents are...unusual. They claim that spirits inhabit their bodies. Not just Ghost type Gijinka but true spirits. These spirits evidently demand many unusual practices and rituals that seem weird, silly, or even disgusting, to outsiders. But the people there are very welcome of outsiders. They enjoy having outsiders in their villages. They enjoy it very much. Very. Much.
They have a rivalry with each other, maybe because they're so similar, but no one is sure what it's about and how they compete. If you bring it up they'll just laugh. However they truly hate the other village.

Weynon: The people of Weynon are quite arrogant...and no one is sure what for. They keep their city very nice and well-kept, but it's a fairly average city despite the tall trees that surround it. They make good woodcraft but other than that it's a very unremarkable place. Yet despite this the people there insist it's the greatest city in all the land. “Much better than that WESTERN forest" they're wont to say.

Ogren: A city built on top of the swamp, it's made up entirely of large rafts tied together. A strong enough wind could very well topple them but the people of Ogren are fearless and a little bit strange. They are for the most part friendly and normal Gijinka. However they almost obsessively worship something they call “The Great Green One", so much that they even pray to it every night and deliver their marriage vows in his name. For the Great Green One is love, they say. They're known far and wide to be the best cooks in the world, especially their onion soup.

Mioter: Possibly the most amazing city in all of Adarid. It’s located above an island in the middle of large area of water. Yes, above. For Mioter is a floating city. It’s kept aloft by the power of the Psychic types that make it their home. Every Psychic in the city is passively helping the cause but there is always a group that is focusing on keeping it afloat. Some day it’s out of pride, but the people there say it’s to honor the legends. Mioter has the most lavish shrine to the Legends in all the land, and many famous Chasers come from here. On the island below in the small port city there is a transporter that brings Gijinka up to the main city, directly to the headquarters of the Shadow Guard. A group of Dark types tasked with making sure the powerful Psychics that the city trains do not take advantage of their position of power. The leader of the Psychics is a young but charismatic Gallade while the leader of the Shadow Guard is a cold and disliked Spiritomb.

Skuldafn: An isolated city nestled between impassable mountains and the vast ocean, Skuldafn is identifiable by towering black spires, spectacularly-carved statues of many dragon-type species of Gijinka, and a population almost entirely composed of dragon-types. Other types are largely unwelcome here - there have been cases where fairy-types were pelted with rocks simply for entering - but the locals treat their fellow dragons with unmatched respect and kinship. Those who are born here seldom leave, and those who visit commonly do so simply to say they have.
There's an ancient ruin deep in the mountain, the entrance which is guarded by the chieftain of the village. Some say it has been there since the dawn of time.

[spoiler=Charts/Information]Character Roster information chart: http://i.imgur.com/bYEsQfU.png?1

[spoiler=Eligible Gijinka]
Once more I'll explain this.
I'm allowing Gijinka from level 5 to level 40. From baby Pokemon to fully evolved.
However the combined level of your two cannot be more than 45.
A lower level Gijinka can beat a higher level if you write it well
Don't worry about evolution levels, some are really high and I will allow lowering of the evolution level. But only to a certain extent. No level 15 Volcarona for instance.
If there's serious issues with these beyond wanting two super powered Gijinka please express them. But that's the idea I have for now.

Battle is a big thing in the Adarid region and there IS death, sometimes accidental, sometimes not. If you agree to a battle you agree to put your life on the line. There is an old superstition called the Curse of the Loser. Which states that if one falls in battle they must pay a quarter of their Poke (money) to the victor. It is said that Arceus himself created this curse at the start of time.
Of course there’s no proving this however almost every Chaser believes in it. After all the Legends themselves were considered superstition not long ago as well.
When it comes to immunities, the only true immunity is Flying/Levitate being immune to Ground moves, unless the move launches into the air a significant amount. Others, such as Ghost being immune to Normal, are 4X resistances.

Feel free to add other things that you’d like, and fancy it up if you must, but this is the basic idea.
You’re allowed two characters maximum.

And I think it's obvious to say don't crazy power yourself. If I see an issue I will let you know.

Name: Self-explanatory. What is your character’s name?
Species: What Pokemon is your Gijinka based on?
Gender: Male, Female, or otherwise
Age: Gijinka have about a human age level, though they live a few decades longer. Bugs mature faster and Dragons slower. Ghosts can live twice as long as the others.
Favored Legend: Basically what Legend is your Chaser most wanting to face.
Appearance: An image and a line or two of information detailing anything different. Please specify height and weight (keep in mind some Gijinka will naturally be taller/shorter/heavier/lighter than others). OR 4-5 lines of written description.
Personality: Five lines minimum. What’s your character like?
Biography: Four lines minimum. Why is your character a Chaser, and what has their life been like so far?

Level: See Eligible Gijinka.
Ability: What’s your Gijinka’s Ability? This would be one of the Abilities available to the Pokemon it’s based on. Please explain how the Ability works in regards to this RP.
Moves/Powers: You are allowed 5 powers based on the moves the Pokemon learns. You can have two of TM/Egg/Move Tutor moves. But just one each, so only one TM move, for instance.
You are allowed a 5th power of your choosing, not needed to be based on a move, that’s unique to your character.
Money/Items: You will start with 500 Poke and five non-rare items. Hold items do not exist here (rather they don't do anything worth note unless I specify otherwise). Keep track of your Poke and items please, for it will have a small impact on things.
Misc: Anything that doesn’t go up in the rest
Skype(Optional): There will be a Skype chat so provide your Skype if you want to be added. Or get someone added already to add you to it. I will be adding everyone who puts their Skype in this, keep in mind. Only will get added once you have some of the app completed.
Do not worry if you don’t have one, or do not want to post, anything important will be put into the OOC.

Favored Legend:




Please make it neat. At minimum use Spoilers to avoid large blocks of text/images and Bold each section to separate it from the content ( Level: 10 )

[spoiler=Accepted Apps]
Gwen, Mac and Dora: Lord CowCow. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocacceptingnsla/?p=6724472
Easter, Ari, and Keanu: Sethera. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocacceptingnsla/?p=6724426

Kazo and Denku: Saiku. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocacceptingnsla/?p=6724282

Fawkes, Kah and Nani: Yui. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocacceptingnsla/?p=6724054

Scarlet and Lok: Reptilious. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocacceptingnsla/?p=6724062

Taiga: Hyde. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocacceptingnsla/?p=6723731
Brooke: Hakima. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocpg-16not-accepting/?p=6829857
Nine and Marie: Skaia. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocpg-16not-accepting/?p=6871982
Randy: Chaos Sonic. https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocpg-16not-accepting/?p=6988571
Nani: Yui. https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/341666-pokemon-gijinka-the-fallen-god-oocpg-16not-accepting/?p=7099716

[spoiler=Current Groups]
Team Mac: Mac, Ari, Kazo Days Passed: 31
Team Showdown: Taiga, Scarlet , Isole, Tianzi Days Passed: 29
Team Neo Not Dark: Fawkes, Dora, Brooke, Easter, Denku Days Passed: 30
Team Karaoke: Gwen, Lok, Nine, Fiona Days Passed: 28
Team Alola: Keanu, Randy, Marie Days Passed: 15


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Arguably more interested than any/all of the above.  Reserving Haxorus and will figure out a second species later (most likely Deino, Hydreigon, or maybe Zorua). Hydreigon and Zorua

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