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the former

Would you rather draw multiple frames of animation or do multiple takes in voice acting?

Well in my country its called S1, after searching the correct words in english, its called bachelor degree? So bachelor degree of graphic design, as i want to become freelance illustrator (leaning into digital art).

Best of luck to you.


One thing in particular you want to create in digital art?


Synchro Summon, of course.



If you could play one game right now that you don't own, what would it be?

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Probably if I knew what that is for sure but I would have to look for a list of the genre

How about Western games in general? Is there one you like?

I just like working with computers. It's fun~

What exactly do you do in Computer Science?

Classical music. I am admittedly not fond of the 'rock and roll', 'pop', 'rap', and 'hip-hop' of today.



If there's one word you would describe yourself as, what would it be?


What is your reflection like?


What toys do you have?

M. passed away. Have you not heard?



What movie are you very proud of directing?

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