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I asked by Shu to trys to get peoples to pways for hims. Flavius and Shu foughts against Murtaugh in his Invasions threads.

What's that in your avatar?


As I don’t have a time machine, I’d say wondering why I’m not doing something else

So basically nothing?


The power of the human mind.

Are you mad scientist?


Sadly no. Well, small distances but nothing really worth noting.

Have you ever moved?

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I have lived in, between my mom and dad, a total of 5 houses. However they were all in/around the same city.

How do you celebrate your birthday?

Thinking isn’t doing nothing.

If the world was ending, what would be your last words?



I will not lie, I forgot how painful reincarnation is at times, especially when someone interferes like Murtaugh did.

Did you have fun?
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I don't really. Especially as I have worked on my birthday often.

How many hours do you work?

Dunno tbph. Probs "f*** this!" (though it'll likely be something else entirely)

If you got a dog, what would you name him?

There was occasion when, ICly, I wanted to throw a brick at people, but for the most-part yeah.

What would you say was your best subject in school?

Art, of all things. It's just...boring.

No interesting projects?
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