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Sakura the ZPD moderator is retiring

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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(For lack of clever titles to write here.)


I know I just referenced this in my Opinions thread and quite short notice, but yeah, I'm retiring my position as a Custom Cards moderator after 4 years and 5 months (give/take a few days) on the job.


Why am I retiring?


Put bluntly, I face all 400-level courses in civil engineering from here on out, and if this semester's workload was any indicator, I will not have the time to be here / execute my duties properly and handle things at the same time if I want to graduate soon / get my full-time job.


(I do have a part-time job, but I cannot rely on it forever.)


I've known from the beginning that my time here wouldn't last forever.




I've been a staff member since July 12th, 2014 and well, seen the site change dramatically over that time. When I took this job long ago, I came on with the intent on making a difference for Custom Cards (and well, provide Zextra with a bit of help at the time). Looking back at how my section has become over the years, I think the place has gotten better, despite some of the setbacks of the time.


Granted, there have been bad points during my career and I can't say that I'm happy with myself in terms of how any of that turned out.


(I had more things that I wanted to do for the section and YCM altogether, but life just didn't allow for that to happen.)


What are you going to do now?


I won't leave entirely, but my presence won't be as frequent as it has been over the years. However, you can still find me on Discord in general or on Duel Portal.


I know some of you see me on both.

(DP name is Sakura Haruno, or my previous name prior to this one. Discord is located on profile.)




Before the chronicle of Sakura's modship closes and like actual cherry blossoms, scatters into the winds of history, I wish to say that it's been a pleasure serving you these past couple years and I hope for the section / site's future in the years to come.


I won't forget any of the memories made here, and those of you who I've gotten to know over the years.


If I end up not seeing you guys again, then...



Aloha a hui hou.

(Bye, until we meet again.)


- Sakura



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You were always my go-to mod, since you were always fast, friendly and helpful, so it's sad to see you go, but I understand your reasoning, as it can take a toll on you, both in terms of time and the stress of the work, always having to consider each thing everyone says or does, and it's a thankless job as well.

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I actually teared up reading this.. Sakura, Im glad u r moving forward with your life, but Im really sad to see u go.. I know youre not leaving completely, but without your modship it'll be different.. U honestly r my favorite mod here, and like it says in my Sig, I look up to u as like a mentor, or a role model. As I was reading this post, I started remembering when I first entered the site, and how u were always there to help me when I clashed with the rules by accident.. And how u helped me make the Cheetah Racers deck so I could get into the AGM, cuz back then I sucked at deck building.. I have many fond memories of u, and I will never forget them. I wish u well on your journey thru life, and hope u dont forget about us all here.

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While you were iffy at times, you were one of my favorite moderators. Out of everyone in the team, you were the one that I felt I could turn to. The one that I was most comfortable approaching. The kindest to me. I knew this was coming at some point, but it still makes me a little sad now.


In any case, I understand your reasoning for leaving moderator position. Best of luck to you.



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I was fairly certain this was going to happen due to recent events, though I'll admit the exact way it did doesn't sit perfectly with me. But I digress.


It will probably be difficult for the team to keep up with everything without you, but that shouldn't stop you from stepping down.


Have a nice one.

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I'm sorry to see you go. You were always the moderator I could go to when I had questions or needed help with anything. Unlike many of the other moderators, you were usually online and replied promptly. Also, you did a lot in being a reliable face for new members, keeping the site running efficiently, and organizing events, like the Easter ones. But I understand that you have your own life to live outside of this forum, and being a moderator on an active forum is definitely a time-sink. I hope school goes well for you.


Goodbye and good luck.

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I've said most of this already in the discord, but...

You were the first moderator here I had contact with, and you were really helpful when I was trying to get into cardmaking on the site. You knew the rules, and always seemed to be working for what you thought would be the best for CC. Even outside of the main forum, we were together on the AGM, and as a fellow member of the club, I felt I got to know you even more through that. No matter how experienced I got, you were always there to give thoughts on a work, not only mine but regularly posting on other people's cards.

As you say, there have been stumbles, but overall it was a great run having you here. I hope to see you around here, even if we remain in contact outside of this site!


Thanks for everything, officer.

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