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[OCG] 2020 Structure Deck Voting Contest

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This year, another Structure Deck “Theme” voting project will be held. This time, in addition to the first theme (among 10) chosen, we will also make the second theme. Voting begins from 5PM on the Card Databsee

June 19th: 5:00 PM JST to June 25th: 11:59 PM


  • Kuriboh
  • Cyber Style
  • Morphtronic
  • Star Seraph
  • Superheavy Samurai
  • Trickstar
  • Ice Barrier
  • Gusto
  • Tour Guide
  • Kaiju

Results will be announced via the “Yu-Gi-OH! Official Card Game Official Twitter” at 9:00 PM June 30th

Theme 1 will go on sale November 11th, 2020 for 1200 Yen

Theme 2 will go on sale in 2021 for 1200 Yen

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Kuriboh will be the future new meta, calling it now :v
I don't even know what they mean with "Cyber Style". YGO wiki mentions it includes all "Cyber" archetypes, like Cyber Dragons, Cyberdark, Cyber Angels. To me feels like a trick or bait theme because we don't know which "Cyber" archetype will be supported.... unless it's all of them and they go for semi-generic "Cyber" support, which to me sounds like it could become a problem. Would like to see "Cyber Ogre" become meta, though.

I find amusing Trickstars are nominated despite their dominance in the early Links era, and IMO would still remain relevant as an engine if it were not for the hits. If they really wanted them to be good again, they may as well release some of the cards from the banlist instead of releasing Structure Deck support.

Anyway, eventually all the listed archetypes are supported, right? Like it's happening with the candidates of the previous poll AFAIK. So the poll is just a matter of which archetype gets the support earlier.

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Just realized Kaijus are there. Would be amusing if they got support to function as an standalone deck. Kyotou Waterfront and their current support can only go so far.
Mixed feelings on IBs. On one hand, I find them really good for Rank4s plays already and they would have been better now if Toadally wasn't limited, although they still die to hand traps so a little support push would be welcomed. But on the other hand, I'm concerned that if they get support, said support could focus on Synchro Summoning and thus Trishula spam/abuse.

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Results are in
Ice Barriers topped, and thus will be the November Structure Deck
Cyber Style came 2nd, thus are getting the other SD coming in 2021

To put the stats in perspective

1st: 19.20% – Ice Barrier
2nd: 18.83% – Cyber Style
3rd: 17.48% – Gusto
4th: 8.91% – Trickstar
5th: 8.35% – Morphtronic
6th: 7.97% – Kuriboh
7th: 5.47% – Kaiju
8th: 5.44% – Star Seraph
9th: 4.99% – Tour Guide
10th: 3.36% – Superheavy Samurai

The top 3 garnered more than 50% of the votes alone

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Well, years ago I found a way to play them as a Rank4 deck, featuring Toadally Bahamut, since Prior locks you from Summoning Level 5+ monsters, but not Level 4-, and I'm quite proud of that. Curious to see what direction Koomy will take, and if the Rank4 plays can integrate for access to power plays like the aforementioned Toadally Bahamut.
Deck looked like this at some point back then:



Since then, the meta has clearly changed, backrow has weakened, and they lost Norden, but in exchange there is Halqifibrax while Rafflesia gained power with the new Trap Hole that negates monster effects, giving her value as an opening play to deter hand traps.
Funnily enough, Spellbreaker can be used in a pinch to stop Spell-based decks and possibly secure a game.

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