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YCM Economy: Advanced Cards Redemption Thread

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Want to be rewarded for making proper CnC in a member's thread?
Then redeem your work for points you can use for a variety of things.
The following forums are eligible for review redemption: Advanced Singles (this forum), Advanced Multiples and Other TCG.
The redemption scale will be as thus:

  • Each singular card review will get 2000 points
  • Each set review (2+ cards) will get 5000 points, with an extra 400 points for every 2 cards that you review (scaled up if you do everything).

In essence, if you take the time to review a set (or a rather large one at that), you'll get a nice reward out of it.
However, some basic things:
1. Normal YCM rules apply; however this should be obvious by now.
2. You are allowed to cash in up to 5 reviews per week; however, pay attention to the quality of the reviews you make/submit for redemption (because they will count towards your maximum).
Make sure that you make an effort to critique properly, because if a review is not up to snuff with our standards; you risk not getting points for a review, or reduced points from what is listed above.
Reviews must be at least 4-5 sentences (singles) / 7-10 sentences (sets) long and obey the guidelines stated in the Advanced Clause.
3. Reviews must be made within a month of redemption; this means no cashing in old reviews from several months back.
To redeem your threads, simply link all of the threads you made a review in within a single post in here.
4. Once your reviews have been acknowledged/reviewed + a summation of the earned points has been given; we will let you know via quoting and award the points accordingly.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in here.

For any CC mod who chooses to do this, make sure you quote what you did.

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I actually thought that was in the Casual Cards section.


We do have a Casual version of this; if you noticed by now.


400 points in your case.

Same for the above.



Well, you did screw up with part of the OCG fixes; including certain cases of changing the card's intent to work.

And technically speaking, you didn't really explain WHY certain choices should've been made.


250 points for effort/some explanation.



1st one would've been a little better if you had elaborated more (perhaps even explaining Btan's points in your own words); that counts towards your AC thing. 

But you did exactly what you need to do, and explained reasoning.


Then again, BtanH should've written more on WHY the thing is broken; I'll need to warn him for AC breaking in this case, because he didn't say anything specific.)


nvm, he wrote some more stuff in a later post. Will need to revise the AC, so it specifies that you must follow it in 1st post you make in there. 


2nd one is full points


3rd is full points.



In total, 1200 in your case.

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First two could've been elaborated a bit more, but everything looks good.

300 on first two; others are 400, so 600 + 800 = 1400



Looks good (based on Advanced standards)

400 points awarded.

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You did it properly with mine, so 1400 points.

Meteor one is fine, so full points. (Then again, the TC in this thread needs to learn how to upload cards properly)


Altogether, 1800 points


I presume the title got your attention in that thread.

But on a serious note, you did fine here so yeah, 400.

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Both of them are fine, and fit into the criteria of what I'm looking for.

(Basically, follow the Advanced Clause and explain your reasoning properly)


800 points.



Also, I should note that I'm the only one giving points; even though Zex and Nai are allowed to issue points as need-be (and this was even discussed with them; well the latter anyway).

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Do we still get points even if we review a card that really should be in another section due to design flaws? Assuming we are thorough enough of course.




No relation to my first question:



I hope my review is good enough for a few points.






Doing what I can to write a good review again.






I think I was helpful here

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All of them are fine.

In terms of #2, the ruling is a bit sketchy with it and Benkei. Honestly, I'm trying to figure out what the appropriate ruling could be here, since the effects contradict each other. 


I'll have to look it over a bit, and then rule out something.



So yeah, 1200 points coming your way.

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