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Sakura's opinions

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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Alright, time to reply to stuff (since I couldn't do it on break yesterday because of things)

oh and I'd like an opinion too while I'm here.

I have to commend you for always having a reaction GIF to everything. Can't say much about music choices as I usually don't check Music.
For other stuff, I really don't know what to say about you at this point, considering you and I rarely talk nowadays (if at all). I do appreciate you wanting to offer your services to the team again, however like I mentioned at that time, we aren't actively searching for any. Also depends on you if life will give you time for it.
Suppose you're still alright and still in the group of members who hasn't caused trouble on the site.
(Also something about having a nice beard iirc)

Opinion on the types of engineering and your thoughts as to why you chose civil.  Also, I know we've been civil with each other (Ha!) but I'd like your thoughts on myself and our current mod/member relationship.

1. Civil technically has more jobs available (and career stuff), so that's mostly why I ended up in CEE (though here, it means Civil and Environmental Engineering). I might not like it at times (especially with courses being once a year at times), but just gotta clear the 400-level stuff I need to deal with and I'm done.
Mechanical isn't too bad though, but requires a lot more of the advanced physics stuff (electronics). I only needed general physics (w/calculus applications) to take the bulk of stuff on my schedule.
Electrical would be useful if you end up working at power company or something, or deal with circuits. IDK how the EE program is at UH, though I did have to take one EE course (programming in C).
2. I don't really have any gripes about you.


Maybe the only concern I have is you getting too heated in Debates topics, though I am fully aware that certain topics are more personal to certain users because it affects them more.



Oh right, and because it's Halloween (albeit late already), if you guys want one of my Halloween personas to give opinions on stuff, yeah, it's doable for the next day or something.

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Not that I have a low self-esteem, because I don't, but what do you think of a certain Jamaican skeleton that escorts the dead into the afterlife? 


Can't say I know who you're asking about (unless it's you as it's been a long time since I even watched Grim Adventures), but neutral otherwise. 


Please give me an opinion :D 


At least you're somewhat helping to keep Advanced alive to an extent. 


Like I've told you before, might want to cut down on posting large sets all at once as people are usually less inclined to review everything. Though, this isn't just limited to you; a lot of new members do this. Also things about OCG/grammar, but that's minor.


Hopefully you can stick around for the long run.




That's probably creative. 


If kids don't want to watch politics, free flash drive to store other stuff on. (Though, do little kids really have much use for a flash drive as high schoolers / college students would?)






I'll get to Krow and Dae's ones later on.

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Alright, time to clean backlog (and post my Halloween event review).

Give it to be baby, uh huh.

Hmm, what do I have on you?
You still have a bad habit of posting NSFW things at times, though it seems more restrained as compared to maybe the start of the year and further. I guess there's that other thing, but eventually I have to just accept the fact that it's a running fad and obviously using this avatar will get mistaken gender.
IDK, I literally don't talk to you, either here or on Discord.
Probably too late for it now, but let's just bury the past and move on (as besides the above things, you're generally cool).

@krow and krow being mod

As a general member, you seem alright and least knowledgeable enough on card rulings and stuff (though you did say you're a level 2 judge, so...) I haven't really seen the other type of behavior recently, which is technically a good thing. Still gotta look over your posts and stuff because I usually don't read them all.
With you as a mod, well, it ultimately depends if the team as a whole is willing to give you a chance (though I am aware that 1-2 of them are adamantly against it). What I do need to see is how you would deal with rulebreaking and if you can act professionally enough to be trusted with the responsibilities and powers that come with being staff.

*sits and waits to hear how lazy I am*

Not like I had to run Leaderboard for you for 4 seasons...though I didn't mind.
IDK, you treated 1v1s / Leaderboard like your own kid, but...you kinda stopped (though it's understandable because Leaderboard has been on the decline for a while and MR4 certainly didn't help in a few places). That, and getting an M.A. in Econ/Statistics is far more important than a site dedicated to a children's card game (there, I said it)
There's also that stigma from the MyBB days or whatever happened with you back then. I'm in no position to talk about it since pre-2013, I probably didn't care or wasn't here. I suppose you haven't gotten into trouble lately, but your interactions with some of the older vets here (i.e. our era for most part) does need some work, but it's a two-sided thing.
On a personal level, I don't have beef with you.

Right...and though this wasn't asked for, I do feel that I should at least give an opinion of the Halloween event.
Thoughts on it generally.
Compared to previous years, it was just bad.
I don't believe this event was legitimately sheet, but just the performance was severely lacking compared to previous years for whatever foreseeable reason you may have (real life got in the way, inability to be constant with posting, didn't think you could perform well under the theme, etc.)
Have to give credit to those of you who at least tried though.
If the event was bad, then why didn't YOU do something about it, Sakura?!
You all already know that I'm busy balancing coursework, especially now that I'm doing 400-level courses in CEE and do not have the time to play a monster role or really help out.
Most of the team was kept out of the loop regarding the internal workings of this event; all we knew was just the general plan. Even if we all knew, I doubt I could really do much either; least in the context of the performer theme, regardless if I had the time/interest or not.
Granted, I HAD plans for a side thing in a similar vein to the stamp contest in CC last year (not related to the main event, but something to motivate you), but again, coursework did not permit me to do so. Perhaps next month as a Christmas themed thing, but we'll have to see.
I'm just going to give general comments and stuff. If you want me to drop actual scores / letter grades for performances, ask.
@0RR0mHp.png☆☆ Daft Punk ☆☆ 0RR0mHp.png
I suppose the techno theme was nice and all, but besides that, I didn't really feel it too much.
@0RR0mHp.pngDanny Sexbang 0RR0mHp.png
The rock'n'roll thing was alright, I guess, but you weren't around too much to really garner any opinion. But this could be said for the bulk of you anyway.
@0RR0mHp.pngKing Dice 0RR0mHp.png
You only made like 10 posts this whole event, so not much activity out of you. Granted, I can give you some leeway because of exams and whatever, but yeah.
@M. Bersback / @ Ember McLain
It's a shame the cruise never took off, did it?
I did like the idea somewhat, but how it fell into the performer/entertainer theme is beyond me. Can't say I approve of you breaking character though towards the end, but things happen. Like I mentioned above (or if I didn't), the entire event was Black's idea.
@0RR0mHp.pngMark Hercule Satan 0RR0mHp.png
Not a DBZ fan, but given the circumstances and from what I know about him, suppose you did the man justice in your acting when you were posting.
@0RR0mHp.pngMike Tyson 0RR0mHp.png
Guess you did alright here, but activity problems.
@0RR0mHp.pngMurdoc Niccals 0RR0mHp.png
Uh, where were you this whole time?
@0RR0mHp.pngMysterio 0RR0mHp.png
Out of all the monsters this year, I believe you were my favorite in the sense of acting and remaining to the end (least for most part anyway).
@0RR0mHp.pngPraline à la Mode 0RR0mHp.png
I suppose you did live up to the theme and were convincing enough that you were some superstar idol. That's really it though.

@0RR0mHp.pngScaramouche 0RR0mHp.png
Only showed up 5 times and not much else. Started off strong and probably could've did well had you went through to the end instead of quitting. (I don't know you outside YCM, so if you did have work, school or something else that interfered with your ability to perform, then alright)

@0RR0mHp.pngShurelia 0RR0mHp.png
Most of your active posts were in that newbie's welcoming thread, so I really can't say much about activity. Your own Intro thread probably made it obvious who you were (i.e. mentioning Thar).

@0RR0mHp.pngSquid Sisters 0RR0mHp.png
Probably would help if I actually was into Splatoon (which I'm not).
The gimmick was fine and you at least tried to work with doing two characters at same time.

@0RR0mHp.pngStatler & Waldorf 0RR0mHp.png
I'll admit this one gave me a slight chuckle in it being somewhat of a reflection of reality. Though yeah, you being gone for 13 days wasn't really helpful for your overall performance.

@@The Muse
I really have no clue how this qualified as an entertainer or the overall theme. No offense, but seriously.

@0RR0mHp.pngThe_Red_Guy 0RR0mHp.png
Next to Mysterio, you were amusing enough to provide fun on YCM and consistent enough within the bunch.

@0RR0mHp.pngundyingUmbrage 0RR0mHp.png
IDK, most I can give you is providing Showcase / GFX with a temporary boost in activity. Besides that, yeah, the whole thing burnt out.

@0RR0mHp.pngYuya Sakaki the Dueltainer 0RR0mHp.png
I am aware of circumstances related to this monster's real form, but yeah, it's comparable to a worse version of Undertaker from last year. You know, the monster who was literally gone the length of the event and only showed up once.

With all due respect, you probably could've sat this one out (though as we didn't hit the 20 Black wanted, yeah).
As far as the Yuya persona goes, I mean, it fits but there's only so much you could do as him. (Unless you planned on going Z-ARC mode later on or something, but that remains to be seen)

@0RR0mHp.pngTrixie Lulamoon 0RR0mHp.png
Giving this one to you out of fairness, even if you quit for reasons.
The acting was alright for most part, but yeah, dropping out early really doesn't give me much room to praise you overall. Least you got out early, so yeah.

I won't do the boss monsters, nor the oldies from past years, but if you want them as well, it is doable.

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whats your opinion on the progression of this site over the last ten years?  


Disclaimer that I was gone from December 15th, 2011 to September 28th, 2013 because I lost interest in the site, so any specific changes during this time, I cannot comment on.


[spoiler=apologies for text wall, but there's a lot I want to say about this site]

Obviously, the activity level nowadays is far less active than how it used to be back in 2011 and so has the memberbase. A lot of the guys you and I probably remember are no longer here because of life, didn't feel the community cared for them or various other problems. Also the matter of Discord, Skype or whatever offline chat handles people use to communicate offsite; moreso the former.


Though one big change that has been noticeable is how much POLITICS has been around YCM, least since 2016 (and well, any hot button topics that are usually barred on other sites because of their divisiveness). The influx of political topics, among member reactions to them and the team's handling of the situation at times, did cause a few veterans to renounce this site and move on. To this day, Debates stuff still causes problems. That, and a few members who would've normally posted all around the place now just stick to one area.


Cardmaker's been broken since late 2016 and YCMaker still hasn't fixed things, so that may have had an impact on new member retention. Earlier in the year, we had a few vocal members demand that we fix the site, else they'd boycott it. As much as it sucks to say that we can't fix it without the admin, that's the truth. It hurts to admit it, but probably holding "CASUAL" Cards to similar standards in Advanced for a few years did alienate some of the new crowd who would've stuck around, even though it was done in part to remove the stigma that Pop Culture Cards could be designed properly and not just the random DBZ over 9000 cards or something. Right now, Casual does allow free design (you can literally make Joke Cards in there and not get scolded; only restrictions are anything that is against the rules.


(If anything, probably cardmaker being outdated and broken is a reason. Also because people probably just come here for the cardmaker and not the actual forum.)




As far as the member base is concerned overall and atmosphere, I think it was more supportive back then and gradually tapered off to where only 1-2 members actually care enough to welcome newbies on a regular basis. If I recall, some people said they like the amount of people we currently have on YCM at present (which isn't really a lot, and mostly people going in their usual areas without much branching).


There's also the issue of so-called "cliques" on this site, which generally are hard for newer members to get into and find a spot. In the context of card design and the game (speaking about YGO), there's that divide between casual and competitive players and a lot of times, stuff tends to go towards the latter. There isn't anything wrong with not caring about competitive nor being a hardcore tournament player, but you just cannot talk down to someone because they want to play a certain way that isn't ideal instead of what's dictated by the metagame / recent cards. Most of the new members likely aren't familiar with all these combos, nor do they want to deal with tournaments or want to play "monotone" strategies. Haven't seen it too much nowadays though, but it does occur.


Like I noted above, Discord did play a role in removing some of the activity that would normally be here; mostly because forums are pretty much old style and conversation is quicker. Some members did form their own servers (i.e. DP) because they just dislike the layout of forums in general [not specifically YCM] or the issues mentioned in previous section regarding cliques.


There's a lot of factors contributing to why the site isn't what it used to be, but in some facets, it probably did get better in a few areas. Tends to be rather slow nowadays, except in maybe Miscellaneous (or literal spam).



Would be nice to get an influx of new members, however we're not getting back the old wave of activity anytime soon.




Short version: YCM has its ups/downs, but from a personal perspective, I feel it more going down due to various circumstances that are either within control or outside of it. Cardmaker / site bugs aren't things we can really do anything about, especially because former is why new members probably come here for most part.

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You definitely share a similar opinion to myself then! I myself annot talk about activity; as you are fully aware, but have had a nice return since coming back onto the site. Even in the 2 weeks I have been back I have noticed pretty much everything you have described here, which was obviously far different from back in the day! 


This is going to turn into a full interview here (which would be cool for newer members to get to know the moderators better) but how do you think the way the site has been moderated has changed over the years? (this is obviously not a dig at anyone I haven't been around to witness any of this!)


Thanks for taking the time to write a wholehearted opinion!



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You definitely share a similar opinion to myself then! I myself annot talk about activity; as you are fully aware, but have had a nice return since coming back onto the site. Even in the 2 weeks I have been back I have noticed pretty much everything you have described here, which was obviously far different from back in the day! 


This is going to turn into a full interview here (which would be cool for newer members to get to know the moderators better) but how do you think the way the site has been moderated has changed over the years? (this is obviously not a dig at anyone I haven't been around to witness any of this!)


Thanks for taking the time to write a wholehearted opinion!




Going to apologize for the 2-3 week lag in answering this, as I was on break due to coursework (and well, needing a break from the place for a while to focus on real life).


Might end up as a long reply too, but there's a lot that I want to say about the team; myself included in its recent form.



I don't remember too clearly from the old days, but most obvious is that staff had their own sections and there was no real overstepping of boundaries. Closest was probably Icy's spirit locking, but I have only heard this by word and not actually seen it. Come the IP.Board days, mods could take care of business outside their assigned areas. While it came as some help in case the assigned mod wasn't around at the time, the staff usually stuck to their areas and didn't "meddle" in other places where they weren't needed. IDK how well the team pre-2012 got along, though I am aware of some conflicts based on what I've read in the mod area, albeit mild compared to what goes on sometimes now. Though from what I've read over, the team usually got along and things were dealt with appropriately and on time.


Reminder that I wasn't around for the whole of 2012 and bulk of 2013, so I can't say how things went with moderating during this time as a whole.


Come October 2013, the team seemed alright for the most part. Issue was that Zextra wasn't always around to handle the place, but he had schoolwork (much like I do) and proved to be of some concern later. I don't think there was any problems with the rest of the team at the time. 2014 - early 2016 didn't really have too many issues either, barring some minor problems here and there.


2016 sparked the rise of member transparency and well, I'd probably say that it hampered our ability to really deal with things in an appropriate manner (well, that and certain mods at the time caused delays in handling it). As a result, we did lose a few veteran members who outright said the team sucked at its job and enforcing the rules. Last year had several resignations, including evilfusion, who had the job for six years. Broken got promoted to replace him, though I will admit that getting him installed was a rushed idea and should've been talked over more.


As for how the team is functioning nowadays, I can't say that we all agree on things, nor get along with each other at times. There are a few gripes that I have with the team in general and part of it does relate to actually enforcing the rulebook and resolving discussions in a timely manner. We don't talk to each other outside of the mod area, so...yeah, lack of communication. It took a month for us just to come to a decision about deleting statuses and whatnot (and I understand members weren't pleased with it). Things pertaining to individual staff members varies, but some ranges from poking nose into other sections with assignments to underlying trust issues from the past.


Granted, the idea of "section mods" was discussed and brought up, however I don't think we really went through with the discussion. While the site isn't as active to really warrant specific area mods, certain areas do require a specific style of handling. (i.e. I have no business touching RP because I never go there.)


In terms of keeping this place amicable, I feel it's a mixed bag.



That being said, I'm by no means perfect as I do have my share of "baggage" from my tenure that's going to bite my ass until I retire, but as an overall analysis of the team (without publicly chewing out people individually), I'm not pleased with how it's performing and I do share some of the blame for it.


I would like to not have gripes with any member of the team as it is unproductive, but there are things that I like/dislike about certain colleagues. Obviously, we're all not going to agree on things, but when there's discord among the staff, it isn't helping.


Occasionally, moderating this site affects me psychologically / emotionally and moderating this place on a daily basis and putting up with things without a break in conjunction with upper division work / real life doesn't help. Sometimes, it feels that the site is pressing on my heart.


I'd like for YCM to be the way I remembered it the first time, but I've accepted the fact that 2011 days are dead/gone and life happens. Sooner or later, I will retire due to coursework / future career, issues with the team and/or I lose interest in the site altogether.


I won't be here forever.


(To be frank, I really didn't intend to come back after 2011 when I left the first time. Though, if I hadn't returned, I wouldn't be in this position telling you about how the mods have changed over the years. Then again, YCM might've become a quite different place too.)




Again, I apologize for the text wall and the slight straying, but there's some things I want to get out regarding my stance on the team in general and well, note that my time on this team may be winding down eventually.

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Going to apologize for the 2-3 week lag in answering this, as I was on break due to coursework (and well, needing a break from the place for a while to focus on real life).


No need to apologise for that mate! good to see you back and hopefully in good spirits! Thank you for opening up (and doing it in a professional manor!) I definately understand a little bit more about that sort of area now! 


 I'd like for YCM to be the way I remembered it the first time, but I've accepted the fact that 2011 days are dead/gone and life happens. Sooner or later, I will retire due to coursework / future career, issues with the team and/or I lose interest in the site altogether.


That's definitely something a lot of people have to come to terms with! When I came back after ten years the site had changed dramatically from what I was used to and I think the whole atmosphere has changed; although there are some really friendly people I have met since my return! I would hate for you to lose interest in something you have evidently put a lot of time into; I wouldn't want to even think about moderating this forum and I can empathise at times that it has probably taken a lot out of all of you at some point in time! I can imagine trying to juggle coursework and effectively a full time job (moderating) that it can be a test but from someone who has helped me from the moment I have come back on the site it would be a loss to the community when you do decide to focus on your future and eventually either step down or take long term breaks! I hope your small break away from the site has allowed you to let yourself be you for a little while! 


What is your opinion on adverts coming back onto the site if it was the only way to save the site? 


Good to see you back mate!



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