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The "What did you get for Xmas?" Thread


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I got:

[spoiler=Fairly long list]

- a PS4 (w/ Overwatch + Ratchet & Clank)

- Worms WMD

- an Invasion: Vengeance box

- 2x Invasion: Vengeance Special Editions

- Legendary Decks 2

- a PTCG Magearna EX tin

- 2x PTCG Evolutions packs

- a Legend of Zelda shirt

- a X-Ray & Vav shirt

- a pair of jeans

- £10 GAME gift card

- £15 iTunes gift card

- £30 cash

- a Nivea wash kit

- Lynx wash kit

- underwear

- socks

- Sonic socks

- shockproof case for my iPhone

- Splatoon squid plush

- Thornton's chocolate santa

- Milennium items + Emperor's Key chain set

- Shovel Knight amiibo

- Palutena amiibo




and I also have a "On the Spot" mug coming my way as well, though I dunno when it'll arrive.

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I was gifted with...

- A pair of PJs

- Some peace and quiet as I've been the only one in the house since like Wednesday and will continue to be such until tomorrow.

- I'll be getting at some point in the near future new headphones and some Old Spice products.


I got myself...

- Pokemon Sun (and got my brother Moon (I kept the Lunala figure though))

- This Zoroark plush I happened upon in Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago

- I also found a short doujin on Pixiv that mattered for reasons, but not sure if that counts.

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Stuff from other people:

  • Zootopia Blu-Ray 
  • New MP3 player (considering my old one is fritzing out on me lately)
  • Portable light / magnifier
  • Electronic soap dispenser (dk about this one to be honest)
  • AGM stuff from Draco
  • A couple dollars from work (tip money)

Stuff I got myself

  • Anime T-shirts from Hot Topic, though should call them EARLY gifts as I got them on Black Friday. (Maybe I'll post pics of them, but yeah)


Pretty sure I'm getting a gift card to somewhere from usual person, but I don't know. May have to find out later, as well as other gifts I didn't see under tree this morning. 

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Everything on the desk, excluding my computer, and the desk plus other stuff I couldn't get a picture of.



Batman socks

Squirtle socks

Love Live notepad

Kotori Minami t-shirt

Bag of chocolate coins

Box of Lindt Kindle

BlazBlue Chronophantasm Extended

Alarm clock

Would I Lie to You book

Valvrave Unit 1 Hito model 

Sony earphones 

Earphone case

Pokémon Book of Joy

Loz diamond block Squirtle and Charizard

Gillette shaving set

Scandal Yellow album

Phone charger


Also brought Megadimesion Neptunia VII and Lucy - The Eternity She Wished For - on Steam.

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Munchkin Legends game thing (I had wanted to play Munchkin for a while again)

Chocolate, tea, shirt, pants, a Harley Batman funko figure

aaaaand a cow statue of five cows stacked on top of each other my cousin found at Goodwill, will get a pic if I remember later.

Oh and my dad gave me and my siblings each $100 so that was a surprise.

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I can add on a Pokemon T-shirt to the list of stuff I got; just have to try it on and see if it fits. 


But yeah, I didn't get too much this year, however there wasn't too much that I needed/wanted, considering I have quite a bit already (maybe Moon, but I had plans to buy it myself before the holidays; suppose I'll do it as a late gift before the year is over).


Might've gotten something else if I had agreed to sign up for Secret Santa at work (technically I wanted to, but was too late and question was popped right after finals); I was willing to do it though, but just wasn't in the right mindset at the time. Would've been interesting to see, but oh well.



I bought some stuff for parents this year (basically food items); so far, they like them.

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Let's see... I got the following things:


1. Neon Genesis Evangelion (the entire anime series plus all five movies)

2. Battlefield 1 (for my Xbox One)

3. Life is Strange (for my Xbox One)

4. My Grandma's old iPhone 4S (it'll be set up to our family's data plan in two days; this is the first non-flip-phone I've ever gotten)

5. A very soft body pillow cover

6. A collection of AXE products

7. Some cologne

8. A 20-movie collection of Alfred Hitchcock's pre-1940s movies (I think it also includes some episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents)

9. Candy (Reese's, mostly)

10. A very soft robe

11. Very comfortable slippers

12. A very expensive-looking watch

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