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Corrupt a Wish


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The rules are simpler than finding out the 145,467,682,852 digit of Pi. Oh wait...

  • No repeat corruptions  (No more than 2 posts without someone else intervening.)
  • No "Death" corruptions (Person 1 says "I wish for a AK-47 with infinite ammo", person 2 says "Granted, but it kills you immediately".)
  •  Normal YCM rules apply.  
  • I will start off.

I wish for a pen with real gold ink.

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Granted, but it doesn't happen. 


I wish that the metagame didn't suck.



Also, http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/311814-corrupt-a-wish/(Yeah, you could've posted in this one; considering the necrobump rules are gone)

And I fixed the spelling errors; TC really needs to use a spell checker.

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