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Ok, I'll give some thoughts too


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Nothing outside of Games and Miscellaneous. Am I correct? Or am I completely unknown altogether?


More or less correct, yes. I see you a lot in misc but tbh I don't participate much in that sort of stuff so I don't know all that much about you. Props for keeping the section to alive though, this place needs someone like you to liven things up.


Tbf I was doing those replies from my phone in a car.


I'm so bad at typing on phone that I can't normally do more than a few words.


You're a pretty cool guy, you're a very good presence in TCG and seemingly a very nice person in general. You don't get caught up in all that much sheet and you're level-headed and reasonable, which is definitely a boon on this site. Also you're really good-looking.


Hi :)


You post in TCG a lot, but we have such different mentalities that I don't really pick up on much of your posting. You're a pleasant person and I've never noticed you in any arguments or anything and you seem to talk a decent amount of sense most of the time which is cool.




I'm aware of your presence but tbh there's not really anything I've seen that I can pin down on you. You seem friendly and interesting but we go to such different parts of the site that you really haven't stood out to me.




You're definitely one of my favourite posters in TCG. You're very intelligent and articulate and you almost always know what you're talking about when it comes to all parts of Yugioh. You also have a very mild-mannered, polite way of arguing which doesn't stir up sheet which is very valuable, particularly in TCG. I haven't really seen you much outside of TCG but from what I see you're as sensible and calm everywhere as you come across in TCG. Also, even I can appreciate how good your masquerade monster was, so credit for that.




I really haven't interacted with you, well, ever, but from afar I have a lot of respect for you. You're clearly very good at CFV and you talk a lot of sense in terms of Yugioh as well when you do venture into that area. You seem pretty universally liked on this site and it's not really hard to see why.


You're not drunk now, right?


No, I don't drink during hours of daylight.


You're another person I have massive respect for and you're also a very very good presence in TCG indeed. You know a lot and what I particularly like is that you're really keen to constantly find out information which to me is the most important part of knowing about and being good at Yugioh. You're also a very fair, efficient and all-round good mod.

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Sorry Mitch, I just barely know you :[. Maybe if you posted in TCG more.


Wer sind sie?


Ich bin phil, und sie? Ich kenn sie leider nicht besonders gut, ich weiss nur das sie MTG spi-


whatever. I don't know you all that well, I know that you're around in TCG and play MTG (I think?) and are somehow involved in CC. You seem knowledgable and chill but I haven't seen enough to form a strong opinion of you.


H well


You just have this habit of stirring up sheet where it doesn't need to be stirred up. You have a habit of going off on wild tangents during arguments which rubs people the wrong way and you just seem to make provocative unsupported statements on Yugioh as well as world issues just for the sake of making them. 

You're not all bad, you're actually a nice person when you're not in an argument, but your style of arguing and the fact that you argue so often is not good.





I'll be honest, when I came back to YCM back in spring and saw a few of your posts as KingOfOblivion I though you were just an idiot and thought you'd hate me for slamming you consistently on more or less everything you said. I'm pleased to say neither has been the case, I really appreciate that you didn't take anything against me and actually just listened to what I said, which is a very very valuable quality and I've seen you grow more and more as a person and a Yugioh player. I didn't realise how young you were before you said but you're very mature for your age, and I really like a lot of aspects about you. You're very happy to listen and learn and actually you talk a lot of sense and are talking an increasing amount of sense which shows how you're learning and maturing. Credit to you.

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