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The Eve Before




Where the betting Markets stand at this instant


My final predictions


(1) https://www.270towin.com/maps/266nZ 296 Trump - 242 Biden


(2) https://www.270towin.com/2020-senate-election/51DVlM Senate: 52 GOP - 48 Democrat VP:




(a) Final: Biden +4.1 Nationally

(b) Turnout: 155M

(c) Closest Senate Race: James MI-R +0.1



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I only voted for Biden so I could complain about him. I imagine a state could do the same.

Imagine the following scenario: ****** dies, tragically, but managed to make it to heaven. God is waiting there at the pearly gates for him, and says he will answer any 1 question for ******, wit

you know i thought you'd gone quiet because you'd realised that which the world has accepted as reality but it appears you were simply stockpiling tomfoolery 

Posted Images

If Biden wins, we lose petroleum. This means no cars, bicycles, housing materials, plumbing, weaponry, jewelry, currency, computers, etc. No transportation means no police, military, sanitation or emergency services. So yeah, the US will essentially be open season for whatever country feels like shooting fish in a barrel.

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Rooting for trump, I've got no doubt that trump is gonna take it, because if he loses, it validates the actions of the media and silicon valley for the past 4 years. the disgusting behavior of the people lying about everything they can, including the riots and destruction of the past several months.

The media has lied about the man for the past 4 years, and has ignored the damage caused by groups like antifa and blm. That alone is likely to be the deciding factor in the election. The satisfaction of this win, is not going to be that trump wins, but that the tactics of the last 4 years have not worked.



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Georgia16 electoral votes94% reporting
Michigan16 electoral votes82% reporting
Nevada6 electoral votes67% reporting
North Carolina15 electoral votes94% reporting
Pennsylvania20 electoral votes64% reporting
Wisconsin10 electoral votes95% reporting
Arizona11 electoral votes84% reporting
Florida29 electoral votes96% reporting
Iowa6 electoral votes99% reporting
New Hampshire4 electoral votes88% reporting
Ohio18 electoral votes94% reporting
Texas38 electoral votes84% reporting
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Isn’t it weird how fast they are calling blue states but totally stalling on red? 

Currently (as far as i know as I am typing this)

Joe 238 ( but is likely to get Nevada and Wisconsin which will put him at 254)

Trump 213 ( but several states that project that trump will win those states) 

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Are talking about California awarding states for candidates, or news outlets calling certain states for candidates?

Arizona also flipped a Senate seat, and voted for Mark Kelly instead of McSally. While there are plenty of states where the Senate and Presidential elections aren't going to match, it's more likely that Arizona has simply turned blue, or at least more purple. That's certainly a more sensible explanation than it somehow being rigged.

Of course, I'm expecting that no matter who wins, we'll see people on the other side accusing this of being rigged no matter what.

Biden is currently winning in Michigan, though only barely. Several states that seemed to be leaning red are flipping blue, so I can understand why they haven't called some swing states yet.


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3 minutes ago, Phantom Roxas said:

The way I see it, Biden wins this if he gets every state leaning blue, while if Trump wins every state currently leaning red, it still won't be enough for him to win.

I don't think it's safe to make any lean calls on AZ or Nevada at this point


It's gonna be close either way. I think we can pretty safely concede that Biden won Wisconsin at this point however

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Nevada is way too close for comfort at the moment. We have until tomorrow or Friday, so I'll let that one play out. Trump's going to need at least 100k to swing Arizona in his favor, though, so I'm confident in calling that one for Biden. Biden is also leading Trump in Michigan by a nearly five times the margin Trump beat Clinton there, and that's a bigger lead than he has in Wisconsin, so that also seems like a solid bet.

With all those in mind, Biden's only really starving for six more votes. I'm expecting there to be a difference of maybe 2-3 votes. I know a lot of people are looking to Pennsylvania, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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I'm actually watching the election live and keeping track of the states as they vote. But also, talking about the fact that the only consistency with the polls is Trump's votes. Seems a bit suspicious to me. Why are Biden's numbers all over the place while Trump's number are staying consistent? CNN reported that Biden was at 238 at 2am and Biden didn't reach 238 until 7am.

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CNN isn't the one determining the winner, what you see there is merely an interpretation of the results.

There is a big difference between a media org calling a winner of a state early, and the incumbent calling changes in lean as more votes are counted fraudulent.

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3 hours ago, Ryusei the Morning Star said:

There are problems however with people being given Sharpies and having their ballots discounted

I didn't pay this much mind at first, but hearing more about this now. Let's head this off at the pass, shall we?

As I've been saying, the right is going to look at any excuse to claim there's fraud. For as much as they lament how the left have tried to call the 2016 illegitimate for one reason or another, I'm not exactly surprised that the right is preemptively latching onto any conspiracy as fast as possible to delegitimize any chance of Trump losing.





Let me be plain, Winter. I am asking you to actually read through those articles. Throughout the years, when I've offered you evidence that refutes certain claims you've shared, you resorted to attacks and insults, rather than really addressing the articles in question. When confronted with these corrections, there's no real harm in saying "Oh, my mistake. I guess I misunderstood what was going on." I'm giving you the chance to say exactly that here.

The sharpies are considered legitimate writing utensils for filling out ballots. In fact, election officials from Maricopa County, which is the source of this controversy, released a video last month supporting the use of sharpies. The county is also taking precautions to ensure that these ballots would be counted. Near as I can tell, people are making erroneous assumptions that their ballots are being discounted, when in fact they will be counted. It's just that Republicans are trying to spin it into something more nefarious.

So no, there are no problems. It's just that Republicans are once again trying to pretend that something is a problem when it isn't. Don't fall for it. If Republicans want these votes to be illegitimate, but they have to invent excuses wholecloth to claim why that is the case, then there's a good chance that the election is legitimate, and Republicans are just being dishonest.

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